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Plumbing Camera Inspection

Video camera plumbing inspection has become a valuable tool in the plumbing industry. It allows us to inspect plumbing pipes, sewer lines, and other underground pipes which are not easily accessed. Since 2005, Clear All Rooter has provided superior plumbing video inspection services, allowing unknown problems to be diagnosed, inspections to be completed, and lost articles to be found.

Why would you need plumbing video inspection?

  • Inspect septic systems
  • Inspect plumbing pipes for remodeling
  • Inspect plumbing pipes to diagnose a problem such as a root intrusion, broken pipes, grease buildup and more
  • Retrieve lost valuable items
How does the video inspection work?

How does the video inspection work?

One of our master plumbers inserts a flexible rod with a high resolution video on the end through the pipe. The rod's flexibility allows the camera to travel through the pipe freely, even around the corners. The real time video allows the plumber to see exactly what's happening in the pipe and allows us to analyze existing problems and predict potential problems.

How does the video inspection work?

  • Highly trained and skilled in all aspects of plumbing, including camera inspection
  • 24/7 emergency services available
  • Licensed & insured
  • Free estimates
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Affordable

You think you need a plumbing camera inspection on your residential or commercial property? Call Clear All Rooter and find out how we can help you.