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Smoke Testing for Drains Torrance, CA

Leak detection in a sewer drain system is a time-consuming, often expensive and difficult process. Smoke testing provides a simple, quick, effective and inexpensive way to help identify several different plumbing issues. It helps detect leaks and finds unpleasant odor sources, faults in plumbing, and test newly installed plumbing.

At Clear All Rooter, we provide state-of-the-art smoke testing services for both residential and commercial properties. We use advanced equipment that produces artificial smoke. It is pushed through the sewage pipes, which help in detecting leaks, faults, or cracks.

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Smoke plumes emerge from the place of a defect, which immediately alerts us. With smoke testing in Torrance, CA, we can provide protection to your property from potential serious drain system damages and expensive repairs.

Signs that Your Drain System Needs Smoke Testing 

Only expert plumbers can tell whether your problem needs smoke testing or not. However, there are some conditions which more likely require smoke testing for accurate detection of the sewage issue. 

  • Persistent problems in your sewer system. If your property is experiencing drain and sewage issues despite frequent inspections, repairs, or cleaning, then smoke testing is the most suitable option to exactly detect leaks, cracks, or damage.  
  • Undetectable problems in a sewer. If there are problems in your sewer but you cannot detect the leak or actual cause, smoke testing can help. It enables us to find damaged pipes or cracks in the pipes that are not visible in camera inspection or the naked eye.

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Clear All Rooter provides dependable, professional and affordable smoke testing in Torrance, CA and surrounding areas. We have performed hundreds of smoke tests for different sewer issues. Using the latest equipment, trained and qualified technicians, we efficiently conduct smoke tests on your sewage pipes with minimum to no damage. Industry-leading experience back our services on which you can depend, confidently.

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