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The pipes hidden in the walls or ground of your property can develop holes, cracks, or become loose at their joints. This can cause a seepage of water into the surrounding walls or ground they are passing through. The slowly seeping water can damage your walls and floors, leading to corrosion and other serious property damages.

The repair and replacement of damaged pipes by digging is a costly, impractical and disruptive solution. This entire process usually involves hefty costs, extensive digging and you may also need to move somewhere else from your house for the time being.  

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As an experienced and fully equipped plumbing company, Clear All Rooter provides reliable and professional sewer lining in Torrance, CA. We have years of experience in finding robust and efficient solutions to damaged piping problems. We provide high-quality workmanship with competitive pricing. If you are experiencing a piping problem, we are at your service.

Common Sewer Pipe Problems that Need Sewer Lining 

At Clear All Rooter, our experts perform detailed and deep inspection of your sewer lines and drain to identify the actual problem. We locate the precise location of damage before performing sewer lining. Some common problems that we often find during sewer line inspections include the following:

  • Sewer pipes blockage due to foreign objects or grease which prevents proper water flow
  • Corroded pipes
  • Sunken or bellied pipes
  • Leaking pipe joints due to breakage of seals
  • Worn out pipes
  • Off-grade pipes
  • Collapsed, broken, or cracked pipes

If you observe problems in your sewer, you should not delay contacting Clear All Rooter for expert sewer lining services in Torrance, CA.

How We Perform Sewer Lining Repairs

At Clear All Rooter, we provide 24/7 plumbing services in Torrance, CA and surrounding areas. Our expert technicians use the latest sewer cameras to inspect your sewer line to identify the location and exact cause of the issue – a crack, broken pipe, gap, or a hole. If the problem results from a broken, damaged, or cracked pipe, cleaning alone won’t resolve the issue.

Using modern sewer lining technology, we fix your sewer line quickly, efficiently and without any disruptions. When we identify the fault, we first thoroughly clean your drain with hydro jetting to remove any dirt and debris. Then, we use different methods such as resin blowing, outward fracturing and others, depending on the type of pipe damage. Through these methods, we resolve the piping issue quickly and cost-effectively.  

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