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If you notice that your bathtub or kitchen sink is draining slowly or not at all, it may be time to schedule drain cleaning in Torrance, CA with Clear All Rooter. Our experienced plumbers know more than just how to clean a drain — we are able to diagnose the problem so as to avoid any future issues.

Our plumbers use the latest tools to quickly and effectively clean your drain so that your drains can function properly again in no time. We also sell Liquid BioOne, the safest and best valued biological drain and septic system maintainer on the market. Contact Clear All Rooter today to make your appointment!

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Why Do Drains Clog?

There are several reasons why your drains in Torrance may not be working optimally. First, there are many older homes and corporate buildings in the area, with older pipes that corrode over time. We’ll inspect those pipes to ensure that they are not impeding your drainage. If there is not an issue with the pipe itself, then we’ve got to look at what’s going down the pipe. Pipes are made to drain water.

Anything other than liquids that are going down the pipes could potentially clog your Torrance drain. Kitchen sinks often endure a lot of abuse from things like cooking grease, paper products, and food remains. Over time, without maintenance, kitchen sinks can become clogged with these items. Bathroom drains are exposed to a variety of personal care products and human hair. The combination of soap and hair accumulation can be particularly effective in clogging your bathroom drains.

How to Avoid Clogged Drains

  • To avoid kitchen drain blockage, scrape food off plates before rinsing them in the sink
  • Utilize a strainer in your sinks and tub basins to catch food products and hair
  • Before turning on a garbage disposal, run cold water
  • Before turning off a garbage disposal, run water through for several seconds
  • Never put cooking grease down the sink; rather, let it harden at room temperature and throw it in the trash

Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

Not sure if it’s time to call in a professional for your drain clearing in Torrance, CA? Unless you have a MAJOR clog or backup, we don’t blame you! Here are a few times when you should always call a plumber to help with your Torrance drain problems:

  • Your backup is causing a major mess. If you have water everywhere, call in an expert in drain repair in Torrance ASAP. 
  • Your drain keeps backing up. If you can’t get it to clear out no matter what you do, we will find the source of the problem so that clog goes away for good!
  • Home drain cleaning methods aren’t working. If you’ve used chemical drain cleaners or plumbing snakes and the clog is still there, call in our team ASAP. 

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

While it’s fairly obvious how beneficial drain cleaning in Torrance can be when you have a clogged drain that you need to be rid of, drain cleaning also has the following benefits:

  • Keeps drains functioning properly
  • Prevents future damage to your pipes and home
  • Keeps your drains and home smelling fresh
  • Properly clears your home of waste

Three Reasons to Call Us for Drain Cleaning Services


It’s not enough just to know drain cleaning, it’s also important to be able to diagnose the problem. We’ve been at it since 2005, so we can tell exactly what’s ailing your drains. Amateurs may do a couple quick fixes and go on their way, thinking they’ve solved the problem—and before you know it, your drains need cleaned again. Depending on the drain, there could be any number of things clogging it: grease, food, hair, or even kids’ toys. At Clear All Rooter, we’re experts at both finding the problem and solving it.

Latest Tools

Clear All Rooter stays on top of all the latest developments in drain cleaning technology. New drain cleaning tools are being released seemingly every day, and they help us do the most efficient and cost-effective job possible.

Years of Experience

Clear All Rooter has been in business since 2005, so we’ve seen it all. And with our years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of drain cleaning in Torrance, CA and the surrounding area. When you contact us, get ready to benefit from the knowledge that comes with our years of experience.

Torrance Drain Cleaning Experts

Whether you’ve got a clog in your toilet, sink, bathtub or washing machine, Clear All Rooter can help. Let us put our knowledge, experience, and cutting edge tools to work for you and reach out to us for drain cleaning in Torrance, CA. Call for a free estimate today!

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