How to Fix Common Drain Problems

How to Fix Common Drain Problems

Did you know there are a number of common drain issues that you can take care of without calling a plumber? It’s true! While we are always happy to help you out, we also want to empower you to care for your home well. Here’s what you should know about your drains.

clogged shower drain

Your Drains Smell Bad

If your drains smell bad, try putting a combination of boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda down the offending sink. First, pour several cups of boiling water down the drain. Then, put a cup of baking soda down it, followed by a cup of vinegar. Close the drain and let it sit for 10-30 minutes. Then pour more boiling water down it.

If it still smells, check the p-trap. This is designed to catch any debris that gets washed down the drain so it doesn’t collect deeper in your system. However, it can hold that debris and start to smell. Empty the p-trap under your sink and see if things smell better.

If you still have a bad smell, it’s time to call a plumber!

You Get Hair Down Your Drains

If you regularly pull gobs of hair out of your bathroom sink, tub, or shower drains, get a hair trap to sit on top of the drain. It will collect the hair that would otherwise get washed down. While it won’t catch every hair, it should catch enough of them that your drain doesn’t get clogged up and you won’t have to call in a plumber for drain cleaning.

Your Garbage Disposal Clogs Regularly

Garbage disposals are great tools but they need a little TLC. If yours regularly stops working and clogs up, it’s time to get it some help. You should have a garbage disposal key, an allen wrench that fits into the bottom of the garbage disposal so you can twist it manually when it won’t twist automatically.

Insert this and try to turn the disposal. Sometimes, this can dislodge items that are stuck or that haven’t gotten ground up successfully. You may need to twist it quite a few times to successfully grind up items that are hard.

If this doesn’t work, or if your disposal clogs up all the time, it may need to be replaced. Our team can assess your garbage disposal to determine why it’s not working and what might work better for you.

Clear All Rooter Can Help

At Clear All Rooter, drains are our specialty. If you can’t get to the bottom of your drain issue, call us today and we’ll be there soon. We’ll get your drains flowing smoothly again so you won’t have to worry anymore!

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